Our Home Building Process

Ten Simple Steps In Our Home Building Process

At Scott Homes, Ltd., Designers and Builders we believe that the process of building a new home should be a fun, exciting and enjoyable experience. To build great homes consistently we have developed a building process that is documented and followed with each home we build. It allows us to make certain you are always involved, informed and satisfied with your new home. There are basically TEN steps we go through to get to the completed home. Below is a brief outline of each step with in-depth information about each process available, just click thru wherever you want!

Step 1: Initial Interview

During our initial consultation, we will ask you to share your vision of your new home. We’ll ask you what your current needs are, what things you would like to have and what features you dream about.

Step 3: Land Evaluation or Selecting Your Home Site

We will arrange a personal visit to your desired home site to evaluate the orientation of your home on its site and the what costs may be associated with building on that particular home site.

Step 5: Moving Towards Construction - Executing a Contract

When the floor plan, specifications land and final budget has been determined and accepted by you, you will sign a contract to begin construction. Congratulations! Let’s get ready to build your new home.

Step 7: Final Finishes and Selections

This is one of the most enjoyable aspects of building a new home. Together with our interior designer, we will assist you in selecting all of the design elements and finishing touches for your home.

Step 9 Construction of Your Home

The construction of a home is 80% planning and 20% building. Plan right, build right! During construction we will hold meetings with you at specific stages of progress. 

Step 2 : Selecting or Designing a Floor Plan 

This creative process may start with rough sketches or pictures from magazines, a home from a plan book or a plan you may have already purchased or simply an idea.You may also choose to select one of our

Step 4 : Determining the Cost of the Home and It’s Finishes

Working from the floor plan you have selected, we will provide you with an initial budget cost based on our conversations about your desired features for the home. 

Step 6: Construction Financing

To begin the construction process, you will need to arrange for a home construction loan with a financial institution of your choice. A few more documents to sign. Scott Homes, Ltd. 

Step 8: Pre-Construction and Construction Meetings

Your financing is in place, your selections are completed and now we are ready to meet once again. During our pre-construction meeting we will review your final selections, the construction process and our schedule for completion.

Step 10: Closing Day = Moving Day

Construction is completed and your house is ready to move into. This is a great moment. Savor it. You are now ready to make this house your home.

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