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Custom Mountain Home Blog

Welcome to the Scott Homes— Custom Mountain Home Blog! We like to provide our owners and prospective owners with the resources they need to make a well informed decision.  A variety of articles are written and obtained to provide the information needed to aid in making specific decisions.  We hope these articles are helpful to you in our home building process and your home maintenance process. Please visit with us on a routine basis as we try to add current and timely articles on a regular basis.

Living room lit by natural light from outside

Daylight Design Metrics

If you love natural light in your home but don't enjoy the extra heat in the summer, this tool from the Lighting Research Center allows architects, builders, and others involved in the design of your custom home to determine how much light can be brought into your home without it getting too hot or being too cold.

A piggy bank on top of moving boxes with a note that says downsizing.

Smaller Homes Built to Fit You

Can you imagine living in a 175,000 square foot home?  That’s how large George Vanderbilt built his North Carolina home, the Biltmore, in 1895. With 250 rooms and 43 bathrooms, the home had more space than his family, or quite possibly anyone’s family, could ever hope to use. Even though the average home in the United States is far smaller than the Biltmore, it is a fact that Americans have tended to build larger and larger homes over the years. In 1973, the typical newly-built home was 1,660 square feet. Near the end of 2008, the average size had grown to more than 2,500 square feet. 

Brick gazebo with fireplace and firepit with circular brick seating

Outdoor Living Areas

It’s too easy these days to live almost exclusively in a climate-controlled, electronic world. Your days are spent going from air-conditioned house to car to workplace, with your ear glued to a cell phone or your fingers typing away on your personal digital assistant in between. But as people try to re-connect with nature, a new trend in home design—bringing the indoors outside—is emerging.

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

Most homeowners will agree that it’s just not summer without the sizzle of the grill. But running back and forth from the kitchen to the barbeque can get old quickly. Outdoor kitchens make life easier for those who frequently enjoy grilling their meals, can enhance your home’s resale value and enjoy growing demand among prospective home buyers.

Great room with tan walls

Design on a Budget

Spend lazy Saturday afternoons browsing the pages of Architectural Digest or Dwell, wishing you had the budget to hire an interior designer to replicate their artistic interiors? Well-designed rooms don’t always have to come with a huge price tag; in fact, designing on a budget

Stone front entry with dome shaped door

Entry Designs

The entry to your home is often the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your home and can set the tone for what comes next. Whether your building a quaint and cozy cottage or a palatial estate

Log Home

The Log Home Lifestyle

You don’t have to live in the mountains of Montana to enjoy log home living. You can find them in cities and towns across America; they include amazing amenities and options not found in the log cabins of yesteryear.

Concrete Slab curing

Concrete Curing

From the foundation to the sidewalks and patio, concrete is a large part of your custom home. Here is what you need to know about concrete curing.

Woman looking across granite countertop to make sure it is clean

Maintaining Your Kitchen Countertops

To have your kitchen countertops show their best and last for a long time, its best to know how to care for them. Each material has different cleaning methods. This article from HGTV will provide information on the best ways to maintain your countertops.

Kitchen counter and island with granite countertops

Choosing Countertops for Your Kitchen & Baths

Countertops for your kitchen and baths come in many options. Before choosing you'll want to be know how well they'll last and how to care for them. This article from HGTV gives information on the many styles.

Man with puzzled look on his face looking into dryer

Troubleshooting Your Clothes Dryer

When clothes are taking a long time to dry or do not seem to be drying at all, running through this checklist from GE Appliances can help you determine the cause.

Central vacuum plugged into receptacle with hose curled up on floor and bare brush tool attached.

Central Vacuums Improve Indoor Air Quality

Asthma, allergies, dizziness, fever, headaches and more can often times be attributed to poor indoor air quality. Installing a central vacuum system in your new custom home can help.