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Custom Mountain Home Blog

Welcome to the Scott Homes— Custom Mountain Home Blog! We like to provide our owners and prospective owners with the resources they need to make a well informed decision.  A variety of articles are written and obtained to provide the information needed to aid in making specific decisions.  We hope these articles are helpful to you in our home building process and your home maintenance process. Please visit with us on a routine basis as we try to add current and timely articles on a regular basis.

Foundation Backfill

Proper backfilling of the foundation is one of the first steps in good residential construction. The method used can have long-lasting consequences on the life of a new home. This is especially true when considering basement-type foundations. Improper backfill has the potential of creating structural failures within the foundation. Good planning can help to avoid these costly failures.

French Drains

Good drainage is important to ensure your home and basement stay dry. As ground water rises or excess rain comes down, a french drain will take the water away from the foundation.

Foundation Insulation

A common misconception is that heat always rises. Heat is in constant motion, moving from warmer areas to colder areas until an overall equal temperature is established. To manage the movement of heat within a home, builders and homeowners are constantly looking for areas around the home to beef-up insulation. 

Beautiful rock fireplace with fire burning

Fireplace Safety

Fireplaces, whether they are wood-burning or gas, are both fashionable and functional additions to many homes. Families gather around decorated hearths for holiday celebrations as they build lifelong memories.

Deck made of synthetic material

Synthetic Decking

To build a wood deck or a synthetic deck, that is the question. Each has its pros and cons but which is right for you. There is a lot to be said for maintenance free. But are they really? 

Stucco Systems

Think stucco finish can stop rainwater and moisture in its tracks? Think again. Stucco finishes are actually porous, which means that water can get sucked up through the pores and enter into the walls. What's more, stucco can crack over time,

Replacing Windows in a Home with Stucco

Window replacement is one of the most common home improvements people make in any type of house, but it takes special skill to blend the repairs into an existing stucco surface.

House wrap on a home under construction

House Wrap

House wrap is an important feature that protects your home.  It creates an air and moisture barrier that boosts a home's energy-efficiency and creates a healthy, comfortable indoor environment.

Three different finishes of fiber cement siding installed on one house

Fiber Cement Siding

When you are considering the type of look you want for the exterior of your home, fiber cement siding is a solid choice offering a fire-resistant, high quality, long lasting solution. Compared to wood siding, there is no decision to be made. Fiber cement siding wins every time.

Roof flashing

Exterior Flashing

No matter what the exterior of your home is (brick, stucco, etc.) you need something between the exterior and your interior walls to keep water out. That's where flashing comes in. 

stucco home being repaired

Controlling Stucco Cracks

Many people choose stucco for the exterior of their home because they like the idea of "low-maintenance." But stucco is made with cement as your driveway or sidewalks. With expansion and contraction due to weather and other factors, your stucco can also crack.

Woman working in her home office

The Home Office

Home offices are becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity with more people telecommuting or running their own businesses from their house. The number of Americans who work from home is in the millions, and with the rising cost of gas and increased traffic causing longer commutes, that number is likely to grow even more every year. 

Man and woman with arms out as if flying

Empty Nester Design Ideas

It’s official!  You’ve dropped your youngest child off at college and are returning back to an empty nest. While it is can be bittersweet to see your child leave home in search of independence and adulthood, it can also be a joyous time for you now that you finally have the house all to yourself.

Open room layout with living room open to dining room and kitchen

Latest Design Trends from BALA

Each year at the National Association of Home Builders’ International Builders’ Show, the Best in American Living Awards (BALA) provide recognition to builders and design professionals who have accomplished outstanding design achievements. Awards are given in all sectors of the residential housing industry, including single-family production, custom, rental, affordable, interiors, remodeling, community and international.

Woman changing temperature on thermostat to conserve energy

40+ Ways to Conserve Energy & Reduce Costs

While many older homes have not been built to be energy efficient, and you may not have the money to retrofit your home to today's standards, there are plenty of ways you can easily conserve energy and reduce your utility costs. 

Happy couple, laughing, in their own home

Design for Independent Living

Not many people think about what they will need in their home as they age. As you build your custom home, you might want to consider what you will need to stay in your home until you are ready to leave this earth. The term for readying your home for your advanced years is called "aging in place."