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Welcome to the Scott Homes— Custom Mountain Home Blog! We like to provide our owners and prospective owners with the resources they need to make a well informed decision.  A variety of articles are written and obtained to provide the information needed to aid in making specific decisions.  We hope these articles are helpful to you in our home building process and your home maintenance process. Please visit with us on a routine basis as we try to add current and timely articles on a regular basis.

Man Caulking Window Crossed Out

Window Flashing - sticky

The way in which you install windows in a home greatly affects how well those windows perform. You need a good seal—one that guides water around the window opening and keeps the interior wall protected and dry. By using window flashing instead of caulk, you can increase protection from the weather for years to come.

Windows with question mark

Window FAQs

After you have bought the new home of your dreams from your builder, you will probably immediately start thinking about personal decorating touches that you can add. When considering these personal touches, don't think just about the interior of the house.
The landscaping around it will also be very important. Trees can affect everything from your heating and cooling bills to your resale value -- some surveys have put this increased value in the range of 10 to 15 percent. Trees can produce shade, food, firewood or just a beautiful scene. They can also attract birds and other wildlife.

Window Label

How To Read A window Label

With the current emphasis on energy-efficient windows, the National Fenestration Rating Council has designed an energy-performance label to guide contractors and homeowners in their search for the perfect window. Since the climates in different parts of the United States vary widely, checking the label before ordering the window can make a big difference in how much the window can help your client keep energy costs to a minimum.

Tank VS Tankless

Tank Vs Tankless

Choosing the best water heater for your home has become more challenging in recent years as new designs have swept the industry and rising energy costs have raised consum-ers’ eyebrows. In spite of the promise of the high-tech water heaters of the future, most folks in need of a water heater today still find themselves facing the same decision: tank or tankless?


Tankless vs Conventional Water Heaters

Many current buyers are interested in homes that are energy efficient and economical to operate, which are factors that can be dramatically affected by a home's hot water usage. According to the DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, water heating is the third-largest expense in most homes, accounting for 14% to 25% of a home’s expenses.

Tankless water heater

Going Tankless

A home's water heater affects both the comfort level in the shower and bath, as well as the monthly utility bill. If a conventional heater is the wrong size, hot water may run out too soon, while constantly heating and re-heating stored water for the home's needs can be costly.

7 principles of universal design

Principals Of Universal Design

The design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. The authors, a working group of architects, product designers, engineers and environmental design researchers, collaborated to establish the following Principles of Universal Design to guide a wide range of design disciplines including environments, products, and communications.

Elder Woman baking with grand daughter

Aging In Place Design - Caps

A recent study by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) showed nearly 80 percent of Baby Boomers surveyed said they planned to remain in their current homes into their retirement years. According to Sisler Johnston Interior Design, incorporating aging-in-place design principles will make it easier for these individuals to overcome the physical barriers of the aging process and retain independence while living in comfort and style.

Whats in it for you

Universal Design Benefits Everyone

Even if retirement is a few years down the road, it’s not too early to start planning for your home of tomorrow. While you probably have made arrangements for your financial future, you may not have given much thought to making the most of your next home’s design. But it’s important for your home to accommodate anybody, regardless of age or ability. How can you accomplish this? With universal design for Aging in Place.

Magnifying glass looking at lumber

Material Selection Analysis

The life expectancies of the components of a home depend on the quality of installation, the level of maintenance, weather and climate conditions, and the intensity of use. Some components may remain functional but become obsolete due to changing styles and preferences or improvements in newer products while others may have a short life expectancy due to intensive use.

Composite deck

Composite Decking

Composite decking is made from recycled hard wood fibers and recycled polyethylene fibers from items like grocery bags, milk jugs, and PVC vinyl. The wood fibers protect the decking from UV damage and add stability. The plastic fibers help prevent rot and splitting, which are common in lumber-based decks.

Dual flush buttons

Water Saving Toilets

High performing low-flow toilets currently available are engineered to use less water and use it more powerfully. Today's high-performing models do remove waste as efficiently, or more efficiently, than conventional toilets while using much less water.

water circle

Water Circulation Pumps

Each year, thousands of gallons of wasted water go down the drain in American homes, and with them, thousands of dollars for homeowners, utility companies, and taxpayers. A significant amount of this waste occurs when homeowners wait for their water to reach a comfortable temperature before they shower or wash their hands.

Manifold plumbing head

Manifold Plumbing Systems

The first copper pipes were used in plumbing systems nearly 5,000 years ago. Today, a majority of homes use copper pipes for water distribution. Copper holds certain advantages over other metals like lead and iron. In comparison to these metals, copper is softer and easier to work with and is relatively non-toxic.

Roof Insulation

Green Roofing

Greening a home goes above and beyond just replacing windows and installing a programmable thermostat. Energy efficiency can be found in all facets of the home — from the foundation to the roof. Here are a few tips that builders and remodelers can implement when doing roofing work to make the home greener and the home owner happier.

Step roof flashing

Roof Step Flashing

Weather is a relentless bully. It seems to focus its stormy strength on a home's most vulnerable areas, attacking over and over again until rain and moisture infiltrates, and eventually damages, the home. Because a home's roof takes the brunt of the attack, it's critical to protect vulnerable areas of the roof against the elements, especially rainfall.