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Custom Mountain Home Blog

Welcome to the Scott Homes— Custom Mountain Home Blog! We like to provide our owners and prospective owners with the resources they need to make a well informed decision.  A variety of articles are written and obtained to provide the information needed to aid in making specific decisions.  We hope these articles are helpful to you in our home building process and your home maintenance process. Please visit with us on a routine basis as we try to add current and timely articles on a regular basis.

Learn the cost to build a home in Woodland Park, CO in this article

What Does It Cost to Build a Custom Home in Woodland Park, CO? Updated Jan 2024

Wondering about the cost to build a custom home in Woodland Park, Co? In this article we dive into the costs and what drives them. In Woodland Park, like everywhere in the United States, the cost to build

People who live in woodland park love seeing Pikes Peak in the distance

Why People Choose to Live in Woodland Park, CO

Nestled in the heart of Colorado, against the breathtaking backdrop of Pikes Peak, lies Woodland Park, a town that effortlessly blends the allure of mountain living with the warmth of a close-knit community. This picturesque locale . . .

Green lawn with sunlight shining on it

Avoid Summer Lawn Stress

Care, patience and a little bit of knowledge can make the difference between a lush healthy lawn and an arid brown eyesore. But proper lawn care is more complicated than setting out a sprinkler every once in a while. You can water or fertilize a lawn too little or too much,

Spray foam insulation being installed in wall

Spray Foam Insulation

A large percentage of heat escapes through the attic and the walls of a home. However, a new approach to insulation can make a big difference.

Basement Floor Insulation

By taking a few extra steps, builders can toss out the notion that basements are cursed to be dank, cold, musty storage rooms. 

Installing attic insulation

Attic Insulation

 Maybe the fact that your house is always cold has nothing to do with your furnace. Your attic insulation plays a larger role in your homes overall comfort than you might think.

dirty bathroom exhaust fan

7 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan Running

Your bathroom exhaust fan has an important job to do. Often overlooked, it doesn't get the maintenance it needs to continue running at top performance. Here are 7 tips to keep your bathroom exhaust fan running.

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

An airtight and insulated home does not necessarily mean a well-ventilated home. When a home is well-sealed, it can become a virtual plastic bag, trapping dust, moisture, odors and chemical pollutants inside the home. 

Womans hand adjusting vents on heat register

Heat Registers

Heat registers--every home has them but we give so little thought to them. But a lot of thought and planning goes into them when building your custom home.

thermostat set to 68 degrees

Home Comfort

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a home comfortable. I like the temperature to be set at 70 degrees, he likes it at 62 degrees. You may have your own idea, but the HVAC in your home has to properly designed and installed to ensure that you achieve your desired degree of comfort.

Return air duct

Return Air Ducts

In new home construction and in retrofits, proper duct system design is critical. Many existing duct systems lose a lot of energy from leaks and poor insulation. Efficient and well-designed duct systems distribute air properly throughout a home without leaking to keep all rooms at a comfortable temperature.

Ductwork being installed


Leaks in the heating and cooling duct systems can be frustrating for homeowners who were hoping to have a tight, energy-efficient home. If the ductwork for the home's environmental conditioning system is installed improperly, it can greatly reduce energy efficiency. Leaky ductwork is a serious defect that can increase the homeowner's energy costs and reduce long-term customer satisfaction. 

Clay Roofing Shingles

Fire Safe Roofing Materials

Fireproof roofing materials can considerably slow the spread of wildfires and shield metropolitan areas from more serious destruction. WUI-approved fireproof roofs are resistant to igniting during a wildfire and are also resistant to the ingress of fire embers and fire radiation.

Clear lawn

Vegetation Mitigation

Vegetation Management includes the thinning and removal of natural vegetation surrounding your home. The Colorado Springs Fire Department recommends creating at least 10 feet of separation immediately around the home as well as thinning and removal of vegetation to a minimum of 30 feet, but not to extend beyond the property line. You can manage the vegetation beyond 30 feet as long as you do not encroach on your neighbor. Remember, you can't treat what you don't own! We do not recommend CLEARCUTTING.

Burn Barrel

Outdoor Burning

Check out this handy guide from the Fire Department and CSFD Wildfire mitigation, before lighting anything outdoors.  Whether it be a bonfire, open fire, fire-pit, firework, or camp-fire, you need to know how and where the laws apply in your area. 

Pets with banner 'are you prepared'

Pet Evacuation Planning

Being prepared is the key to being safe in an emergency.  Why would this be different for our beloved pets?  This handy guide will help you prepare and organize BEFOREHAND so your pets have a better chance of surviving an emergency situatution.  Print it out and take care of your fur-feather-scale babies.