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Imagine building a custom home on the lot of your choice

Why Build a Custom Home? Here Are 23 Reasons

Why build a custom home instead of buying a production home or an existing home? Building a custom home can be a rewarding and exciting venture. But don't take our word for it. Here are 23 reasons why you might consider going this route: 

  1. Personalization

Perhaps the biggest reason most people build a custom home is because they know exactly what they want, and they can’t find it in the existing home market. Building a custom home allows you to design every aspect of your home exactly the way you envision it. From the floor plan to the finishes, you’ll have say over every detail.

  1. Functionality

When you buy an existing home or build with a production builder, you fit your lifestyle into the floor plan. When you build a custom home, you’ll design the layout and features based on your lifestyle. From the number of bedrooms and baths to the specialty rooms such as a home office, extra-large kitchen, hobby rooms, gym, photo studio, or workshop. Whatever you need you can put it into the plans.

  1. Placing the microwave in the island is good for people in wheel chairs, and children as well.Long-Term Planning

As you design your custom home, you can take into consideration your future needs and accommodate for them. For example, you may be planning on expanding your family, so you’ll add in extra bedrooms. Or maybe, you know your aging parents will need to come live with you at some point. You can include a guest suite to accommodate them. Another possibility is planning for aging in place so you can spend your senior years in your own home. This may mean accommodating future mobility needs, such as wider doorways or infrastructure for future smart home upgrades.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Location is another reason people build their own homes. Living on a piece of land in the mountains or away from the big city is a draw for many people. If you own or find a piece of land that you absolutely love, it just makes sense to build a home on it.

  1. Unique Design

Building a custom home allows you the creativity to build something unique. Something that doesn’t look like every other home on the block. Whether it is the architectural design or a unique facade, your home will be uniquely yours.

  1. Material Selection

When you buy an existing home, you get what’s there. When you build a home with a production builder, you choose the colors, the cabinets, counters, tile and flooring. The builder chooses everything else. When you build a custom home if you want high end windows, you can have them. If you want ornate millwork throughout the house, you can have it. If you want bubble-gum pink walls, uh… you can have those too.

  1. Modern Amenities

If technology is your thing, you can equip your custom home with the latest in smart-home systems such as smart lighting, smart window coverings, thermostats, and security systems to name a few. Into ai robotics? Maybe the latest in robotic kitchen appliances is the way you want to go. In a custom home you can do all of these things.

  1. Healthier Living Environment

As you design your custom home you can choose non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials and superior ventilation systems to create a healthier living environment which is especially beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

  1. Integration with Nature

When designing your home you can take into account the surrounding landscape and incorporate features like large windows, natural materials, and outdoor living spaces that enhance the connection to nature.

  1. Acoustic Customization

For musicians or home theater enthusiasts you can include acoustic customization to build a soundproof studio or an ideal audio-visual environment.

  1. Privacy Considerations

If you like your privacy, you won’t find it in a production neighborhood where the homes are pretty much right on top of each other. Building your own home, depending upon the land limitations, allows you to design the layout and position your home for maximum privacy.

  1. Maximize Views

You can also, depending on the land limitations, position your home and design windows to take advantage of any scenic views or optimal sunlight, which can enhance your living experience and the home's energy efficiency.

  1. Efficiency

Speaking of energy efficiency, most production homes built today have some modicum of energy efficiency built in. But when you build a custom home, you can decide just how green you want to be. And you can incorporate the latest energy-efficient technologies and materials to reduce your environmental impact and save on utility costs.

  1. Living Off-Grid

For some, living off the grid and being totally self-sufficient is important.

  1. Quality Control

When you build with a production builder you have a limited say on the materials and workmanship. Typically, you are limited to raising an issue and seeing what the builder will do. In many cases they will work with you but if you are not satisfied you will likely have to walk from the project. When you custom home, you can oversee the construction process to ensure that all materials and workmanship meet your standards. The home builder will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with all the details.

  1. Control Over Contractors and Partners

Another reason why people build a custom home is the ability to select your own builders and contractors. You can look for a custom home builder that aligns with your vision and work ethics, ensuring a better working relationship and final product.

  1. Cost Management

Because you pay for every detail of a custom home you can pick and choose where to splurge and where to save. When working with a production builder your choices are limited as the builder has already made many decisions for you.

  1. Emotional Attachment

Going through the process of designing your home and then seeing it come to fruition can create a deeper emotional connection to your living space.

  1. Happy family with the grandmother in the kitchen.Legacy Building

For some families, building a custom home is a way to create a lasting legacy that can be passed down through generations.

  1. Avoid Renovations

When you close on an existing home, the last thing you want to do is move in and have renovations going on all around you. Building a custom home is a way to avoid renovations altogether.  

  1. Reduced Competition

In hot real estate markets, building a custom home might be a way to avoid bidding wars and the stress of buying existing homes.

  1. Investment Opportunity

Sometimes, building a custom home can be a good investment, particularly if you’re able to construct the home at a lower cost than the market value of the property.

  1. Rewarding Challenge

While challenging, the process of building a custom home can be incredibly rewarding, providing a sense of accomplishment and a personal sanctuary tailored just for you. So why build a custom home? Because you can.