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About Scott Homes Ltd.

Scott Homes Ltd. Designers & Builders has been a leader in the home building market in Woodland Park and Teller County since 1989. Embracing energy efficiency and sustainability practices when they were first introduced in the early 2000’s by Build Green Colorado, Scott Homes has become known for building “performance homes.” Skip Howes, Owner of Scott Homes, defines a performance home as one that is energy efficient, more comfortable to live in than a home built to standard building codes, and one that is more economical. Essentially, he says, “It’s just a better way to build a home.”

Quality, Not Quantity

Scott Homes only builds four homes per year. As Skip Howes puts it, “It’s about quality, not quantity. By building fewer homes, we can deliver a better product.” While they could easily build more homes, the customer experience is also of great importance. The philosophy of the company is to provide the best home building experience along with a home of great quality. By limiting the number of homes they build, they can ensure quality and client satisfaction in every step of the process. And that, to them, is what is most important.

“it’s about quality, not quantity—by building fewer homes we can deliver a better product.” Skip Howes

When you want to build a custom home in Woodland Park or Teller County, contact Scott Homes for personal one-on-one service and a performance home that you will save you money and you will enjoy for years to come.

"It's about quality,
not quantity. 
By building fewer homes we can deliver a better product."

—Skip Howes

Meet the Team


Skip Howes


Skip Howes is the owner and president of Scott Homes Ltd. Born in Germany and a self-proclaimed “military brat,” he has lived many places around the world. In 1967, his father moved the family to Colorado Springs. It was in high school where his passion for construction started when he took a drafting class. He enjoyed it so much that he . . .

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Deb Howes

Marketing Director

Debbie Howes works as the Marketing Director for Scott Homes. She has an  extensive background in marketing, new construction sales and existing real estate sales. She uses that education, those years of experience and that expertise to position the Scott Homes, Ltd Team well in the new construction market place. In addition to being the Marketing. . .

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Jon Howes

Construction & Site Superintendent

Jon is our Construction & Site Superintendent. He works onsite overseeing the work of our trade partners and also works directly with our clients in the field on construction issues, quality control standards, energy efficiency analysis/performance and overall customer satisfaction. His background in business management and . . .

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