Step Four : Determining the Cost of the Home and it’s finishes

Size of the house and the simplicity of complexity of the structure set the base for the budget. The finishes are the icing on the cake and give the house the feel and livability you are looking for.

As we discussed previously the finishes you select can have a great impact on the budget. Sometimes we have to prioritize our selections. Please consider as you make your decisions whether an item could be changed out at a later date. Major items are expensive to replace; windows, cabinets and other fastened into the structure items. However, other items like door knobs, cabinet knobs, light fixtures can easily be replaced. Sometimes if your budget get busted by these type of items incorporating future change-out can be cost effective.

Here we will go through the plans and specifications and price the house to exactly fit what you have selected. If we are unsure specifically what you want, we may create “allowances” that are budgets for you to work within to make your final selections. We should understand what you want so the allowance is not dramatically below what you really want.

Upon conclusion of this phase we know what the house will look like, the plans. We will know what will be included n the house, the specifications. We’ll know how the house will sit on the lot, the site plan. And finally we’ll know the cost, the budget. This is the time to make any adjustments either up or down in price. It’s cheaper to change it on paper and then build it then build it and change it!

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