Is Green Building New?

Is Green Building New?

Green or Sustainable Building has been around for a long time.  Remember those western movies with the log buildings with the grass growing on the roof?  That was green and it really all started long before that!  But since the early 2000's efforts to change residential design and construction have integrated many green components together to create the 21 century green house.

Energy costs are certainly a current issue and costs will more than likely continue to rise.  It all started back in the mid 70's with the energy crisis.  Fuel prices rose, insulation became a must in new construction and solar began to raise it's head in the market place.  Solar water and space heating was driven by government tax incentives and once the incentives went away, so did the industry.  Remember the odd looking additions people made to put solar panels on their house? 

Today we look for a "Certified Green Professional - CGP" to guide us thru the sustainable building process.

Global warming, know known as global climate change has made the headlines for a number of years.  Researchers attribute at least some of the phenomena to a long time increase in greenhouse gases.  Some data has shown an increasing climate since the beginning of the industrial revolution.  Either way if we can make a small decrease in greenhouse gases while we increase our energy efficiency and lower our utility bills - why not do it?

The construction of housing has gone from putting sticks of lumber together to a unified scientific process.  Building scientists who have studied the mechanics of why houses behave the way they do, have helped promote designs, construction techniques and materials that make for better design, more comfortable houses, more durable construction products and a generally more comfortable and healthier house.  This increased technical knowledge has made it possible to apply solid scientific practices to a variety of architectural designs and styles.

With a growing world wide population the time has become right to shift our thinking to sustainable building practices, energy efficient systems and a better built product for the homeowner.  Homebuyer's today recognize the need for and value of green homes. It is our mission to deliver what the consumer wants only better.

Homes built to National Green Building Standards last longer, have fewer problems are more cost effective to live in and keep the owners, family members and guests more comfortable. 

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