Stone Ridge Village

Stone Ridge Village A Master Planned Community

Community Information

Stone Ridge Villages is a 200 acre mixed use planned community located in Woodland Park, Colorado.  Approximately 250 single family home sites, on 86 acres , 58 apartments on 4.16 acres, 20 patio homes on 4.85 acres, 40 condo units on 5.78 acres, 24.5 acres of commercial and 52 acres of open space.   The intent is to create an architectural theme that can continue throughout all of the construction with architectural control guidelines. 

Residential is the primary use in the community with approximately five phases in the single family area.  The first phase, currently under development is 71 lots.  Phase 2 - 64 lots, phase 3 - 27 lots, phase 4 - 31 lots and phase 5 - 28 lots.  Phase one has the smallest lots, 11,000 sf to 15,000 sf.  The rest of the phases the lots go from 17,000 sf to 28,000 sf.

Filing One has 32 lots of approximately 11,000 square feet with a standard frontage of 70 feet and an average depth of 158 feet, 30 larger lots average 15,000 square feet and are 105 feet frontage with 150 feet depth. 


Filing Two has 39 lots with sizes ranging from 11,000 sf to 15,000 sf with similar frontages.    Our objective is to offer a building program to the community that would allow various choices to the consumer. 

During our PUD submittal we identified concept elevations to express the character we were looking for.  These are not cast in stone and can be amended to reflect the final design we use.  We would tie into this Community Design, Entry features, street signage, interior monuments and the like.

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