Top 5 Maintenance Tips



An informal poll of professional remodelers revealed five tips for maintaining your home to keep it in top condition and support home value. Proper home maintenance should start with a regular inspection of the home’s exterior and the heating and cooling system to ensure the home is running smoothly.


Inspect the roof.

An examination of the roof will reveal spots that need repair, preventing leaks that ruin home interiors and valuables. Regular roof maintenance prevents roof problems leading to structural damages and other expensive emergencies.

Add insulation.

Most houses can benefit from installing or repairing the insulation barrier in the home. Adequate attic insulation, in particular, keeps the home from losing energy with wasted heating and cooling. A better insulated home means less work for the heating and cooling system and lower energy bills.

Repaint surfaces.

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for a home by updating the color palette and giving the home a shiny new start. Quality paint jobs also protect surfaces and prevent problems like rotting wood. Consider using no- or low-VOC paints for reducing fumes while drying and keeping the home air quality more comfortable.

Monitor flashing and caulking.

Worn window flashing and caulking allows water to penetrate the walls, causing damage to drywall and framing. Asking a professional to inspect windows can prevent water intrusion, saving thousands in major repairs down the road. Additionally, examine caulking and sealing in bathrooms to ensure water isn’t leaking into walls or floors.

Check the water heater and heating and cooling system.

Waiting until the water heater, furnace, or air-conditioning fails will cost more in emergency repairs. Bring in experts to assess these units to ensure they are functioning and receive needed repairs. Newer water heaters and HVAC systems can increase home efficiency, bringing down water and energy bills.

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