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We can build on your lot, one we have in inventory or on a lot we have direct access to with a community developer we have an ongoing agreement.  Typical lots, in Woodland Park, will range from 1/4 acre to 1/3 acre with some of the more custom lots reaching 1/2 acre to 3/4 acre in size or larger.  All the lots have access off paved streets with underground utilities of City water, City Sewer, Natural Gas, Electricity and Telephone.  Cable TV is available in many location but not all.  Lots will also vary in topography from very level to sloping to steep.  The sloping lots typically lend themselves to walk-out or garden level basements.

Lot prices will also vary based upon many factures that relate to that specific site;  Size, Topography, Driveway Access, Utility Routing, Lot Vegetation, Tree Cover, Views and Building Site Orientation.  A smaller lot could cost more than a larger lot, so size is not the only factor to value.

We currently have access to lots in:
          Evergreen Heights, Filing No. 7
          Stone Ridge Village, Filings No. 1 & 2
          Aspen Acres, Filing No. 2

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