Green Systems

New Green and Sustainable Construction is made up of a variety of different systems and products that together make a functional green or sustainable house.  Sometimes called synergistic - the whole is greater than the sume of the parts!  It starts from the first shovel in the ground to the last paint touch-up on the wall.  Some of the systems save energy and some systems produce energy.  The ideal situation is to balance the costs and benefits of each alternative to the budget you create to design and build your new home.

These Sustainable Energy Saving Construction items include:

  1. Site preparation and building orientation
  2. Under Floor Insulation
  3. Basement, Crawl Space or Foundation Insulation systems
  4. Structural systems techniques, components, engineering standards and product selection
  5. Thermal barrier insulation systems and products
  6. Thermal barrier moisture plain components, house wrap, siding, roofing and other barrier products
  7. External ingress and egress energy components - windows, doors, weatherstripping and the like
  8. Interior sustainable components for walls, flooring, painting, staining, cabinets and other related products
  9. Energy efficient mechanical systems and appliances
  10. Energy control and optimization systems and products

These Energy Generating systems include:   
          Solar power or photovoltaic panels

          Wind turbine power generation

          Geothermal power or heating systems

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