Building in the Mountains

Many people look to live the Real Colorado Lifestyle!  That may meanleaving the front range environment of Colorado Springs and going wesbound 15 miles to livie in the mountains.  Woodland Park is a short 25 minute commute to Colorado Springs, so the opportunity is present to live that lifestyle outside of metropolitan Colorado Springs.  The City of Woodland Park, like Colorado Springs, offers municipal utilities, city water, city sewer, natural gas, electricity and cable TV.  In fact Woodland Park and COlorado Springs get some of their water from the same sources.

Outlying areas that do not offer municipal services may offer community water systems, private wells or private septic systems.  These private services can make you more self reliant on your own property.  Combine these with solar photovoltaec and the opportunity to be Net Zero Energy Efficient is present.

We have tried to post for your benefit information that will help you understand the resources that need to be addressed when you live in the mountains or the wildland interface area.  These include:


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